“Thinking of The Master Plan…”

Great read! This puts young adult life into a realistic perspective. On social media we all try to put our best foot forward, but that doesn’t mean that things are sunshine and rainbows in our everyday lives. Don’t compare your friends’ lives to your own! We all have a unique path.

The Heart of a Fighter (In the Center Ring)

Here’s the thing. I desire to be better and the only way that desire has the chance to come to pass is if I make some serious changes. One of those changes includes my relationship with social media. Don’t get me wrong, Social media applications and websites can be a wonderful thing to experience. With just a click of a finger, a scroll of a thumb, and a touch of a screen, you are looking through a person’s point of view of how awesome their lives are… and honestly, that makes me happy. I love that people feel beautiful, that they are accomplished and well-traveled, but if I’m being honest, it also pushes me to compare myself to the “accomplishments” of others.

I am not traveling the world, I am not a model, I am not employed at the job of my dreams, I cannot afford to make weekend trips…

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